A Little about our Parish Priest………

Rev Fr Anil D Mello a Young, dynamic and energetic Priest took over as the Parish Priest on June 5, 2017. As the year, happened to be the Golden Jubilee year of our Parish and following year i.e., 2018 being the closing ceremony of Golden Jubilee Celebration, the Parish Priest had great responsibilities on his shoulders. Father Anil enlisting the assistance and cooperation of Parish Pastoral Council formed 11 committees for planning the charter of events for the jubilee celebrations with Mr Arun D Souza as the coordinator. The celebrations commenced on April 21st with Horekanike (offerings) to the church which were taken in procession from Nava Jyothi Nagar. Judicial Vicar of Mangalore thereby hoisted the flag and set the programme in motion. April 22nd, 2018 onwards, each day was dedicated for special intentions like youth, sick and elderly, children, couples, all religions, departed souls, religious.  MostRev Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore, Most Rev Thomas DSouza Bishop of Calcutta celebrated the Golden Jubilee Mass on April 30, 2018 along with Fr Anil D Mello and other priests concelebrating. The celebratory mass followed by the felicitation program and a cultural program in the evening were held as a part of the grand finale and also a Souvenir was brought out. Owing to the relentless efforts and guidance of our Parish Priest, the Golden Jubilee celebration turned out to be a grand success. It was a golden opportunity for the parishioners to reflect on how the Spirit of God  worked in this community and continues to be present in the parish of Neermarga.

The sound system of the Church was not functioning properly and after a thorough discussion with the Finance Committee and the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Priest took lead in installing a new one to enhance the audibility.

The Parish liturgy was made creative, meaningful and alive Singing hymns of Holy Spirit seeking His blessings, before the Sunday Mass and posing questions pertaining to Bible readings during the homily – aiming at better involvement of the Laity, consoling the family members of the deceased after the funeral are some of the initiatives taken and well accepted by the Parishioners.

The celebration of Eucharist is the summit of the sacramental life of the Parish. Homilies of our Parish Priest are well prepared and brief that helps us to reflect on the Word of God in turn guiding us to get transformed and converted. Additional Mass being offered on Sundays at 6 am has been well responded by the people.

Utilising the Aid received by the Government, toilets were built for the Church Hall. On the occasion of The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the poor and the needy are being provided with necessary provisions and Fr Anil extends cheerfully a helping and a loving hand to the sick and the suffering at any hour of need.


Fr Anil revived the Small Christian Community Meetings in the wards. His tireless efforts to build a strong SCC are commendable a central committee comprising of Ward Secretaries, Gurkars was formed. With this it was easier for him to carry out meetings in all wards in an organized manner. As a fruit of his hard-labour SCC meetings are regularly held in all 16 wards of the Parish and   these meetings are attended by him. Training programmes are also conducted to revitalize SCC meetings in the wards.

Catechism classes from class 1 to P.U.C are scrutinized by the Parish Priest. After the Sunday Classes students and class guides assemble in the church where our Pastor beautifully exemplifies the Mysteries of the Church and children are introduced to and integrated into the liturgy, spirituality, discipline of catholic church with a view of initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life followed by the Celebration of the Holy Mass.  The ‘Catechism Day’ is being organised in a very meaningful manner. Bible related cultural program being conducted by the children after the Mass, followed by dinner for the children and the parents.

In order to maintain the cleanliness in the church compound and the cemetery, ward wise voluntary service has been introduced and it has been well answered by the people.

During Lenten season, the Holy Mass is offered in one of the houses of sick and aged of every ward. The Holy Week, Christmas, New Year liturgies are conducted in the Open Church Ground.

An elaborate survey of youth of the Parish has been conducted to make them realise that they are the integral part of the church. Fr Anil is “guiding light to our youth”.  They are given ample opportunities to make use of their potentialities that God has endowed them with. Accordingly, the youth under the able guidance of the Parish Priest organize various competitions, Programmes (Christmas and New Year, Teachers ‘Day), visit orphanages, visit the sick in their wards, meaningfully organize liturgy on every first Sunday of every month that has indeed captured the hearts and minds of the parishioners.


From June 2018 to May 2019, panorama of events and activities pertaining to liturgy, socio-cultural (family, children, youth, couples, women, aged and sick), environment and talents were ascribed to different months of the year and the ‘Calendar of Events’ in a first of its kind initiative in our church was brought out and implementation of the activities unitedly by the parishioners under the guidance of the Pastor was stupendous.

Faithful of the Parish and other Parishes journeyed together with Rev Fr. Anil to the land of Christ’s birth, ministry, and paschal mission , where his presence accompanied us to experience the Holy Land in all its beauty and spiritual power. He   celebrated daily Mass in the Holy Places and shared the spiritual significance of the events that transpired there, expanding our  knowledge of  history while at the same time helping to deepen our  faith in Christ and His Church.

Father Anil initiative and dynamism

paved the way for the new Presbytery. Many

parishioners contributed towards this long-cherished dream. The building

construction commenced on 19th March 2021, and it will be inaugurated by

Bishop Most Rev. DrPeter Paul Saldanha, on 1st May,2022.

On the whole, Fr Anil’s  tenure is  a time of consolidation of the rapid growth of the church.