Our Patron


On May 1, The Feast of St Joseph the Worker, the Patron of our Parish, we recall the great virtues of St. Joseph- loyal and candid worker, devout servant of God. He was humble and committed, righteous and just, despite having been chosen by God to be the protector of the Holy Family and the Messiah and in spite of being the heir of David, He followed God’s commandments and was a good Father at the same time, protecting and guiding the young Lord Jesus, bringing Him up in the best way possible.

Therefore, inspired by the great examples of St. Joseph the Worker, and remembering what it is that all of us ought to actually be doing in our lives, let us all strive to build up for ourselves the eternal riches in God, through our faith, love and commitment to serve God with all of our hearts, by loving one another, and not to put our trust in worldly possessions and riches, all of which are just mere illusory and temporary in nature.