At the outset of this auspicious occasion of twofold celebration I wish you all greetings of peace and joy. It’s an incredible day in the history of St. Joseph the Worker church Neermarga, Mangalore.May 1st is marked as Feast of our Patron St. Joseph as well as this year 2022, the Inauguration of Newly Erected Presbytery. It’s indeed a long-awaited vision has come into reality to the Faithful of the Parish.

At the threshold of this great event in this fast growing technological and digital world of today inmalevolence of all the social medias that are easily accessible like what’s app, Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram…. etc. there is a greater need to have a web site for quick communication and easyadmittance of information to the people around the globe. For this basis I along with the parishioners thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Parish Website. After few months of hard work anddedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch.

Creating a Website for the Catholic Church is a key step towards creating an overall, welcoming experience in our church. Today, thanks to the technology, websites are often the first step for important information. Parishioners can visit the Parish website to see what is going on in the church, before even walking through the doors. In addition to providing important information, we want our Parish Website to give visitors a good idea of what they can expect inside of the Parish.We aim at portraying an optimistic, convivial environment in our website.


I hope and believe that you will take some time to become acquainted with the many dimensions of our Parish life as you scroll through the website. Everything that is designed in the web pages is grounded to our spiritual life that celebrates the Liturgy and Sacraments, the Real Presence of Christ among us. May this new venture expand the horizon and widen the experience of our living. Let us share the bond of friendship and togetherness in the new way of evangelization. Let Risen Christ be the centre and focal point of our mission.

Rev. Fr. Anil Canute D’Mello Parish Priest.