St. Joseph the worker Church, Neermarga ceremonialized with exhilaration and life being propelled into glorious and reverberating celebration of Solemnity of The Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. Feast preparations commenced from August 30 to Sept 7th. Adults, Youth and children participated as one Family in the Eucharistic Celebration offered by Rev Fr Anil D Mello, Parish Priest and Novena Prayers, thought provoking Reflections and finally with strewing of fresh flowers as an index of love for the Mother of our Saviour and all mankind.

On the Monti Fest Day, with the symphonic rhythm of the Vas band and the mellifluous singing from Parish choir set the salubrious ambiance. The Festal mass was celebrated at 7.30 a.m. by Rev Fr Santhosh Rodrigues, Director, Pastoral Institute and Rev Fr Anil D Mello, Parish Priest and Rev Fr Henry Vas concelebrated the Mass. The community leaders with the Processional Cross, and bedecked statue of Infant Mary entered the Church in a procession. Parish Priest affectionately and amiably welcomed Rev Fr Santhosh Rodrigues, Rev Fr Henry Vas and the Parishioners who congregated in large numbers. Rev Fr Santhosh in his edifying Homily, elucidated through touching facts of life, anecdotes and Biblical References 

1. the reasons of calling Mary Mother of God as ‘Holy’ 2. Reasons to love and honour Blessed Virgin Mary 3. Out of many Flowers from the Garden of Mother Mary the 4 Flowers namely Humility, Gratitude, Service and Sacrifice that Mary 

Practiced in Her life and how one could imbibe these virtues in life 4. Respect for 

Girl child 5. Ways and means as to how Families could be witness to God’s Love. 

New corn was blessed on the occasion. Names of the Supporters and Murdoms were announced by the Parish Priest and Rev Fr Henry Vas honoured the contributors with a blessed candle. Rev Fr Anil D Mello, beautifully proposed Vote of Thanks. Rev Fr Santhosh Rodrigues lauded the punctilious planning and systematic arrangements made by the Parish Priest and the wholehearted support of the Parishioners. The Liturgy was meaningfully led by Ladies of the Parish. 

On the whole, this Feast provided the Faithful with an occasion for praise and thanksgiving in honour of the personal sanctity and vocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as the mother of the Lord Jesus and also an opportune time to thank God for the fruits of their labour.